Thursday, December 11, 2008


I know...I know....I am not a good blogger, yet! So, Halloween was fun. Me and a few friend went as an all girl ABBA group. We had a good time dancing the night away. Skip to Thanksgiving....We went to Diane's house for some good pit Turkey and food. But alas I was sick, really sick. I was sick for about a week. Lost a few pounds and a few days at work.

I've been trying to get everything ready for the big London move! For any of you that don't know...I'm moving to London for a few years. I'm really excited....I mean really excited!!!!!!!! It's going to be a fun adventure full of great new life experiences. I even get to go on a Ski trip in Feb. That should be interesting. I've never even attempted to Ski.

I'm trying to get Chelsey ready for a new aide, but she's not very happy with me. Her surgery went really well, she had a few complications, and now her incision is infected. But other than that she's doing good and is almost back to her old self. I'm just waiting for the end of school and our big trip to the Cabin for Christmas!!!

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Marisa and Rob Rasmussen said...

WOW your going to London!!! How fun is that!!! I'm way excited for you!!! Be safe and take lots of pictures!!!!