Friday, April 18, 2008

This Week....

Well it has been a very long week. I work as an aide for a young girl with Downs Syndrome. I go with her to her classes and help with work or just keep her busy. She has just been a pill this whole week, she ready for the end of school and she knows that summer is coming. Spirit week is next week and I was talking to her about the different dress up days and she just all of a sudden yells NO at me and puts her head down. She fell asleep!!! She must had been sssoooo tired and worn out from the day. It was so funny!

I also baby sit everyday for couple hours after school for a friend. Her little boy is almost 5 months, I’ve been watching him since he was about 2 weeks. I watch Chad and Micah’s three hooligans on Thursdays and Fridays. I’m pretty busy during the week. Plus I have to have some kind of social life!

My friends took me to swim in the river a couple of weeks ago. Something I had never done in my life of living in Thatcher. Sad I know! It was cold but so much fun! We do bonfires and fun parties with games and craziness! They are mostly college aged, so they come with A LOT of DRAMA!! I’m going to get away for the summer though! I hope! I’ve applied for a job with the Girl Scouts of Arizona at a camp they have in Payson. Its far enough to be away from everything, but close enough to still visit everyone.

Well know that you’re a little caught up, I’m off to an Institute activity and Valley Furniture’s annual sidewalk sale tomorrow. I’m sure something good is bound to happen. I’ll let you know!!

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