Monday, April 21, 2008

What a weekend...

Ok so Saturday was a busy, busy, did I mention BUSY day! I stayed at Micah's house on Friday night so she could leave really early for Mesa. Have you ever tried to sleep on a couch with an almost 3 year old little boy. Yeah, not as easy as it sounds! So...I got up and got the three holigans ready for the day. Then Nicole dropped off Sawyer at my house. I put the two older to work in charge of the two younger so I could shower and get ready. Then we all headed out to the annual Valley Furniture sale! Luckly Sawyer slept most of the first few hours we were there. I help when I could and sat around when I couldn't. At about 1 I took the three little one to rest at the house and Nana graciuosly offerd to take Caden to a birthday party for a friend. And so on......I dropped off Sawyer with his grandma......then Brandon had to ride around with grandpa.

After the store closed and we all ate some good food. I went back to Micah's (empty) house and had a group of some good friends over to use the HOT TUB!!!! Oh yes the hot tub! Just what I needed after the long, long day. It was a lot of fun. We played "I've never" and "I have (done)" it was an interesting time as I alway had a hard time thinking of things to say. hehe. I sang in church the next morning. It was a group of 5 of us and it was really fun and went really well. Last night we went to the "boys" house and played a bunch of different card games. There was another girl there named we decided to change my name to Suzie...that didn't last long. I ended being called "girl" all night. But we laughed so hard all night it was well worth it!!!!

Oh who doesn't love to hang out with the boys!!!!

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