Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So this has been a week of dissapointments and suprises. Last weekend my brother Shaun and his wife Gwen came into town. Gwen went to a bridal shower and I got to spend the day with Shaun. It was so much fun and we alway like to hang out and do things. That Saturday afternoon I went to EAC's Spring Sing.....lets just say i wasn't that impressed with some of it. Some of it was really good "the guys" (there a group of 6 that are inplace of the quartet)

Well that night i kept getting text from different people telling me of stuff to do that night. But they kept saying different things and not making up their minds about what to do. I got so mad and frustrated with the whole situation. I ended up staying home, being upset. But then my brother came in a cheered me up and we all played cards for like an hour! It was fun. But I've decided that I'm done with the college scene and trying to be young and do things. Thats not what I need right now. I've decided to detour part of my life right now. I'm looking to travel in Europe and work over there for awhile. I just need to do something I want to do. A change to get my life back in a little bit of order. An adventure!

Work has been the same this week and babysitting. The only cool thing is I'm going to get my passport paper work turned in today. I don't know If I mentioned this but my brother Sam and Emily are having a baby too! She is due in October. Me and Emily think it will be a girl.....but we wont know for a couple of more weeks! Thats all for now!!! BYE!

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Katie Elliott said...

I'm so sorry about that. I can understand why you were frustrated, I was frustrated that plans kept getting changed too. I love you!