Saturday, May 10, 2008

Not Much

So this has been a very bitter-sweet week. Dad did get to come home on Thursday this week. He's is so glad to be out and about on the canal. He's not doing to much, don't worry, our spies are keeping there eyes out! ;)! It's really been a sad week.....alot of my college friends moved this week. I've been out and about a couple of nights with them have fun and even getting into new trouble. ha ha ha! I still have some friends here so thats all good! Last night I went with my friend Mason to graduation for EAC. Ummm it was good...ok it was a little boring. I will admit that I(we) made fun of a few things....I'll just say a little dolphin tree! We were there to support all of our friends. I actually knew more people graduating than I thought. It was a fun night getting to see old friends. Thats about it for me this week.....hopefully something fun will happen this weekend and I'll get to tell you about it. Only 10 more SCHOOL DAYS left!!!!!!!!!!! Then I'm going on family vacation with my sister to San Diego for a week!!!!!!


Heather said...

I'm just now getting a chance to read your blog, and I'm so excited you started one so I can keep up with you better! I'm very happy to hear that Uncle Phil is doing better. And how exciting about San Diego! I hope it's a blast!

Katie Elliott said...

I tagged you! Go to my blog and find out!

And I miss you so much!